About Us

About Us


Facilitating the journey of seekers of knowledge.


To support students of knowledge in the path of seeking knowledge.


  • To encourage people to seek beneficial knowledge.
  • To provide equal opportunities to deprived and talented students to reach their potentials.
  • To support financially students with limited financial means.
  • To support women financially who are undertaking life-long education.
  • To facilitate continuous learning for seekers of knowledge beyond geographical boundaries.


Gift of Knowledge aims to inspire people to seek knowledge and to preserve Islamic Scholarship. It is GOK’s intention to support students financially and morally who are proactive, confident, talented and willing to embark upon the journey of seeking knowledge.

GOK would like to support two groups of students:

  1. Those students who would like to combine both general and Islamic education to the level of recognised qualifications within the mainstream Islamic world and Western society.
  2. Those female students who would like to revive the rich heritage of ‘Female Islamic Scholarship’. Hence, if there are any female students with a general education wishing to embark upon Islamic education, they will be priorities in the selection process.

The board of Trustees (please see the Trustees’ profiles) are a committed group of people, some of whom have already taken a similar journey in their lives, and now would like to facilitate the journey of others, and reduce the financial burden through supporting the students of knowledge financially and morally, so that they can complete their education without much difficulty and become Home Grown Competent Scholars” to help and guide the community.

Support the Seekers of Knowledge


Messages from our Trustees and Supporters


It’s important that we take up initiatives to support people to make positive contributions in society to raise the standard of the next generation. Fortunately, women naturally make social changes, because of having direct access to their children from the moment they step into this world. In addition to this, women are good at sharing their passion and knowledge with their loved ones, friends, families and the community they live in.

For this reason, the initiation of GOK is to support women in particular to advance them in Islamic education. If we can truly help women to achieve their potential by taking care of their financial burdens, then it will be a great contribution for the next generation.

If we are far sighted and realistic about the impact mothers have in their children, then without a doubt we will want to invest in them, as an old African saying goes “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation”.


The very first revelation was about reading. Allah (swt) says: Read! In the name of your Lord (Al-Quran 96:1). Allah (swt) has preferred Prophets over other mankind by sending revelation (Wahi) to them, which is the guidance for mankind. We have to work hard to seek knowledge of this divine guidance. However, sometimes financial circumstances don’t allow us to learn and teach in order for us to preserve our Deen (Religion). To minimise the financial burden of seekers of knowledge we should spend, as Allah (swt) says: “And spend (in charity) of that with which We have provided you, before death comes to one of you” (Al-Quran 63:10).

It is important that we make financial contributions, as many seekers of knowledge withdraw from learning because of financial difficulties, but yet, they do not wish to express/disclose the real reason as to why they are withdrawing, out of modesty and dignity.


This noble initiative reminds me of our stay abroad while spending some years in the path of seeking limited knowledge, and the financial difficulties we encountered on a daily basis.

I sincerely hope that GOK provides opportunities to seekers of knowledge and most importantly, reduces the financial burden which can at some point halt the ambition of many sincere, dedicated and talented male and female students of knowledge.